Printed myself a stand for @boldport ananas. This is almost as far as my 3D design skill go, but that’s good enough…

Contributed by @binyaminsharet on Apr 3, 2018

A stand for the Boldport ananas project: here on ThingiVerse  my first image

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pip pip pip .. Pips time-lapse

Contributed by Nick Momrik on Apr 1, 2018

Check-out the blog post and time-lapse video of my Pips build.

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IxpandO test script

Contributed by Mark Yoder on Apr 1, 2018

Here’s a simple bash script that exercises the LEDs and reads the DIP switches on IxpandO. I’ve tested it on a BeagleBone, but it should run on a RPI as well if you change the $BUS number.

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Finished @boldport's PIPS. Added a tilt switch as a secondary rolling method too #BoldportClub

Contributed by @keyglitch on Apr 1, 2018


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