@GuildOfMakers I now have small collection of @boldport #BoldportClub critters.

Contributed by @MrTomsWorld on Apr 25, 2018


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The @boldport Whiteboard! I put it on a 3D-printed base to keep it neat. (I'm a bit late posting this, but there it…

Contributed by @ttseary on Apr 25, 2018

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Conehead Timelapse

Contributed by Nick Momrik on Apr 24, 2018

My second month of Boldport Club is #24 The Conehead. It’s a custom PCB design of a cricket and it chirps based on how much light the “eye” can see. According to video timestamps it took about an hour to assemble the kit and it was a lot of fun using the electronics components in different ways. See my blog for more.

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Hello Mr Cricket!

Contributed by Thomas Stratford on Apr 24, 2018

Some pictures of my conehead build.

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