Playing with a Pure Data model of the Conehead Chirp

Contributed by @tardate on Aug 12, 2018

Boldport projects never fail to inspire some new learning. In the case it introduced me to Pure Data - a pretty amazing open source visual programming language for multimedia. I reproduced the chirp.pd model and added a few more controls to make it easier to play around with. Here’s a quick example of the sounds produced with different settings:

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building the #BoldportClub Conehead and spending way too much time amusing myself with Pure Data LEAP#409

Contributed by @tardate on Aug 11, 2018

Conocephalus is a genus of bush-crickets, known as coneheads. Now I have one beautifully rendered in a 3D kit from Boldport - build details on GitHub  my first image

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Still in the great desk move and guess what turned up @boldport

Contributed by @rabid_inventor on Aug 10, 2018

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Almost done with infographic for the #BoldportClub '3X7'.

Contributed by @boldport on Aug 9, 2018


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