This site is maintained by members of Boldport Club community. It is a place where we share pictures, videos and information about Club projects.

It supplements the official Boldport resources with a central archive of information shared by members. We hope that it is a useful resource for:

  • members starting a project build, looking to get inspired and informed by what others have done
  • prospective members and anyone interested who wants to find out what the club really gets up to
  • links to post on other platforms
  • members to show off what we’ve done as a collective

What is the Boldport Club? To find out more, visit the official Boldport Club site.

To find out more about the motivation and goals for the community site, check out the README in the site Github repository

The site is built with Jekyll and hosted on GitHub in this repository. Check it out, fork it, tweak it .. it’s open for all, and we’re always looking to make it better.