lite2sound direct out mod

Jul 14, 2018 resources p26-lite2sound-bc

Contributed by Rare Waves LLC USA on Jul 14, 2018

You could get a little better sound quality in a recording by wiring up a direct output jack.  my first image

It bypasses the LM386 amplifier and the volume control. Simply add a second 3.5mm jack, it can share the circuit ground connection if its metal bushing is in contact with the metal case. Connect the tip terminal to Pin 3 of the Volume potentiometer. If you want to record to both L+R channels of a stereo device, connect the ring terminal to the tip terminal with a 1k resistor. Then you can use either a mono plug or stereo plug in your new Direct Out jack without shorting out the preamp.

Glad to hear you are enjoying the circuit. Thanks everybody. -Eric

The Direct Out mod doesn’t affect the headphones / speaker amp. You could listen with headphones and adjust the volume as needed, without affecting the recording.

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