#lastminute #shopping

Contributed by Saar Drimer on Jan 5, 2017

Have an engineer/maker in your life? Also #lastminute #shopping? Head to boldport.club (Thank me later!) #BoldportClub thelady

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a Fritzing part for the #BoldportClub Cuttle

Contributed by @tardate on Jan 1, 2017

Fritzing may be the comic sans of EDA tools but for the #BoldportClub Cuttle. I made a Fritzing Part for The Cuttle, and I think it is pretty swish! You can get the part and start using it in Fritzing diagrams. It is available in the LittleArduinoProjects repo. image

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Everything you need to do simple things with the AS1130 chip

Contributed by fuchs on Jan 1, 2017

I just published version 0.9.0 of the LRAS1130 library on GitHub. The library now contains everything you need to do simple things with the AS1130 chip. There are also three examples how to use the class. One of the example is a LED test application which checks all LEDs and writes the status to the serial console. first image

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Awkward Soldering: Boldport LIGEMDIO

Contributed by Dan Fraser on Dec 28, 2016

Watch me awkwardly build an electronics kit from Boldport Club: The LIGEMDIO LED tester. Hooray for holidays!

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