Sign up to the #BoldportClub by tomorrow at 10:00 London time to get the kit that goes with the excellent guide

Contributed by @boldport on Jan 11, 2018

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my #BoldportClub ananas is beeping at me. should I be worried?! LEAP#369

Contributed by @tardate on Jan 7, 2018

My my beeping Boldport ananas. All notes, schematics and code are in the LEAP repo on GitHub. Here’s a most annoying demo..

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A tribute to Bob Widlar is our next #BoldportClub project

Contributed by @boldport on Jan 2, 2018


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@boldport Best thing I ever did was to sign up for #BoldportClub and I really enjoyed my visit. Love the stuff

Contributed by @MrTomsWorld on Jan 1, 2018

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