I really liked the Gent, but I reckon the @boldport Monarch is an even better piece of aesthetically pleasing elect…

Contributed by @rdhayler on Dec 24, 2017

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It does the thing 🙂 #boldportclub #ananas @boldport the mega solder joints in the middle were my challenge with thi…

Contributed by @dunkelstern on Dec 23, 2017

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Contributed by Thomas Stratford on Dec 23, 2017

Some pictures of my Ananas build.

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Place Matrix

Contributed by Joey Hagedorn on Dec 23, 2017

The Place Matrix is a project I built with P11-The Matrix. It was an interactive website that was live in April 2017, but just recently did I finish completely documenting the project at https://www.joeyhagedorn.com/projects/placematrix/  my first image

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